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Boston OUI Attorney Mark Bennett has practiced in state and federal courts for more than 25 years. He is experienced in every aspect of criminal law. From pre-indictment investigations to bail hearings, motion practices to plea agreements, jury and bench trials to sentencing hearings and appeals, Attorney Bennett handles all elements of criminal defense from start to finish. With an office conveniently located in Milton, he serves the entire Boston metro area and the south shore of Massachusetts.

OUI Lawyer Services to Boston Area

Drug Trafficking & Distribution: A drug conviction can forever change your life. Long prison terms, loss of license, exclusions from certain professions and deportation (for non-citizens), are among the more serious effects. Retain an attorney who will challenge the government at every step and fight to preserve your freedom.

Sex Crimes: Prison, job loss, loss of professional license, expulsion from school, registering as a sex offender- all real consequences of conviction for a sex crime. If you are charged with a sex crime or if you are suspected of having committed a sex crime, you need an experienced criminal attorney now. Attorney Mark Bennett will protect your rights and fight to preserve your reputation. See our SUCCESS STORIES.

Domestic Violence: Disagreement between people living together too often results in the arrest of a loved one. Assault and battery, harassment, stalking, threats, and violation of a restraining order – the consequences can be jail, loss of employment, exclusion from your home, restraints on contact with your children, and the stripping of your lawfully owned firearms. Have you been accused of domestic violence? You need someone who will listen to you and defend your interests. Call Attorney Mark Bennett.

Search & Seizure Issues: With few exceptions, the police must have a warrant before searching you, your vehicle or your home. A successful challenge of the search will many times leave the government unable to prosecute the case. For examples of Attorney Bennett’s work, see our SUCCESS STORIES

Firearms & Gun Crimes: The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. If you have been denied a firearms permit or FID Card, or if your firearms license or FID Card is in jeopardy, consult Attorney Bennett today. Many crimes involving the use of a firearm carry mandatory jail penalties. Firearms cases often involve issues of SEARCH & SEIZURE. Attorney Bennett has the experience, knowledge, skill, and commitment to protect your rights and freedom.

Theft & Burglary: If you have been accused of stealing or misusing another’s property, you should immediately retain an experienced criminal attorney. Theft-related crimes may result in a prison sentence, loss of employment or worse. What may at first seem like a minor misunderstanding may result in major repercussions for you if you act without the benefit of experienced counsel.

Motor Vehicle Crimes: Your vehicle is your lifeline. You need it for work. You need it for leisure. If you're looking for an OUI lawyer in Boston, you need an attorney who is willing to defend your rights to limit penalties and keep you behind the wheel.

Motor Vehicle Homicide: If you have been involved in a fatal collision, you should contact an attorney without delay. A conviction for motor vehicle homicide will result in a prolonged loss of driver’s license and possibly a prison sentence. In an emotionally charged situation like this, it is vital that you retain an experienced criminal lawyer to stand by your side.

If you have been charged with a crime, or if you believe you are at risk of being charged with a crime, you need an attorney with the right experience to fight for you. Contact Boston OUI Attorney Mark Bennett, located in Milton. His practice serves the entire Boston metro area and the south shore of Massachusetts and he has the experience to defend your rights. Let him develop an effective defensive strategy to preserve your way of life. Call today for legal counsel.