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A criminal conviction can result in serious consequences such as jail time, heavy fines, separation from your family and friends, and irreparable harm to your reputation in your community—not to mention harsh penalties that you may never recover from.

You are presumed innocent until proven guilty under the law. You have the right to legal representation, so call Massachusetts criminal defense attorney Mark W. Bennett now. He will work hard to ensure your Constitutional rights are not violated and carefully guide you through the criminal justice system, and explain the choices you face as your case proceeds. He will work with you side-by-side to try to resolve your case in the way most favorable to you.

For almost 25 years, Massachusetts criminal defense attorney Mark W. Bennett has worked to defend the rights of criminal defendants. A former police detective and prosecutor, Attorney Bennett has extensive professional experience on both sides of the system, and is keenly aware of how the police enforce laws and build cases, and how prosecutors think when trying to get a conviction, which allows him to anticipate the opposing counsel’s strategies when building his defense strategy.

It is vital that if you are arrested, that you do not say anything to the police without an attorney present. You have the right to remain silent under the Constitution, and you should exercise that right, as anything you say the police might be used against you later, even if you think you’re just professing your innocence. You have a right to have an attorney present, and you should retain knowledgeable and experienced legal counsel as soon as possible to ensure your best chances of winning an acquittal or a favorable plea bargain.

If you have been arrested for drunk driving, a drug offense, or a violent offense, Mark W. Bennett’s full-service criminal defense law firm would like to hear from you. He services clients in the Quincy, Dedham, and Brockton areas of greater Boston. To set up your initial consultation and get the experienced and tough legal assistance that you need on your side, call 617-296-8282 now.

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